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JULY 12, 2002
Phantasy Niteclub
Lakewood, Ohio

The mixing is complete!

Engineered and recorded by Joe Kleon/G4orce Studios
Mixed & mastered by Joe Kleon/G4orce Studios

As announced on the official Anvil website www.anvilmetal.tk:

"Joe Kleon of G4orce Studios is currently mixing live ANVIL tracks recorded
at Classic Metal Fest II in Lakewood, Ohio, USA on July 12, 2002.
Some of the final mixes will be used for for bonus tracks on the
Screaming Ferret Wreckords, LLC "

The story behind this recording

I was hired by several bands to record them at the Classic
Metalfest II, held in July of 2002, at the Phantasy Niteclub
in Lakewood, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland.

Anvil was not one of the bands I was to be working with.

Being a huge fan of the band, I recorded them anyway, for
my own enjoyment. The studio was set up, you know...
I did a rough mix of the show about a month later, and the
show was archived on a hard drive and basically forgotten.
Last week, around two and a half years later, I came across
the recording and contacted Lips, to see if he had a need for
any live tracks. It turned out he is in the process of reissuing
a bunch of Anvil's catalog on Screaming Ferret Wreckords
and was looking for bonus tracks.

He found them...

I went back to the original unmixed master tracks and began
mixing from scratch. That was 2/25/05. I am still working
on the show and will continue to post mixes below, as I
finish them.

This recording was made on only eight tracks with a Digidesign 001, recorded on a Macintosh G4 733, running Pro Tools. The
mix is also being done on the same equipment.

Completely digital, from start to finish, never leaving my Mac.

CMFII was two crazy days of about 10 bands per day.
Needless to say, this recording comes after countless equipment and microphone changes, a blown up bass rig, and other assorted
equipment troubles. Given all of that, I still think it sounds fucking great! There are a few gremlins lurking around, but it is still raw and extremely powerful. It is not the Westwood One Mobile Unit, but does sound pretty damn good for an eight track live recording, done from start to finish on a Macintosh.

I think it captures the energy and magic of a supercharged performance. A hard kick in the teeth.

Pure fuckin' Anvil. I love it!

I hope you enjoy this great show as much as I do.

Joe Kleon
G4orce Studios
Cleveland, Ohio

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All files are high quality MP3s

Track 1 - MARCH OF THE CRABS>666 9:25 - 21.5 MB

Track 2 - SCHOOL LOVE - 5:05 - 11.6 MB

Track 3 - FORGED IN FIRE 6:20 - 14.4 MB

Track 4 - PLENTY OF POWER - 4:18 - 9.8 MB

Track 5 - SMOKING GREEN - 6:49 - 15.6 MB

Track 6 - WHITE RHINO - 5:27 - 12.9 MB

Track 7 - BLOOD ON THE ICE - 5:18 - 12.1 MB

Track 8 - METAL ON METAL - 5:39 - 12.4 MB

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